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First thing's first – I’m a nutritionist trained in functional medicine, not a medical doctor. I don’t diagnose or treat specific medical conditions and my advice is complementary to medical advice from your doctor, not a substitute for it.

My job is to identify the underlying imbalances that ultimately turn your health into “dis-ease” and help you correct them with a personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocol. I specialize in working with digestive issues, immune and thyroid dysfunction, female hormone imbalances, and fertility struggles. 

To learn more about how I can help you and decide which of the options below is best for your unique situation, let’s talk!  

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Single Nutritional Counseling Visit

This is a great place to start if you're new to nutritional therapy or you're just looking for basic diet, lifestyle, and supplement guidance. You'll start by filling out a detailed health history, 5-day food journal, and symptom assessment, and then we'll meet for a 90-minute appointment to review your intake and build a complete protocol for you. From here, you can schedule follow-up appointments separately or choose to investigate further with functional lab testing.

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12-Week Nutritional Counseling Package

This is the perfect option if you're ready to really dive in and commit to better health. It takes time (and ongoing support) to solidify new diet and lifestyle habits, find a sustainable supplement routine, and begin resolving chronic symptoms. This package includes the same intake process and initial appointment as the single visit, along with 3 follow-up appointments. During each follow-up, we'll check in with how you're doing on your protocol, troubleshoot any issues that come up, and continue making adjustments to help you reach your health goals.

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12-Week Functional Lab Testing + Nutritional Counseling Package

It's true what they say - all disease begins in the gut! Which means that the first step to truly addressing almost any health issue is to heal your gut. And to do that, we have to know exactly what's happening in there. Combining stool testing and food sensitivity testing is the best way to identify gut imbalances and dietary triggers that cause chronic inflammation and lead to symptoms like allergies, skin issues, hormone imbalances, joint pain, mood problems, and more. This package includes everything from the 12-week nutritional counseling package, along with the GI MAP stool test and MRT food sensitivity test and an in-depth rebalancing protocol that addresses all findings from both labs. 

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