3 Ways to Work With Me...

Nutritional Therapy Programs


Overcome your fertility challenges or simply optimize your health prior to becoming pregnant with personalized one-on-one coaching!

Group Fertility Classes


Learn how to implement healthier diet and lifestyle habits to support fertility in a fun and relaxed group environment!

Fertility Wellness Partnership


Work with me one-on-one AND receive fertility-related lab testing and consulting on your case from naturopathic physician Dr. Haylee Nye ND, MScN!

Nutritional Therapy Programs


3-Month Preconception Basics (In Person or Online)

This program is for couples or individuals who want a comprehensive plan for optimizing their health prior to becoming pregnant. You will learn nutrition and lifestyle habits that will increase your odds of successful conception, help you minimize typical pregnancy discomforts, and give your baby the best possible start in life. 3-month commitment required. Learn more about the nutritional therapy process here.


  • Initial consult
  • Food journal review and functional nutrition analysis
  • Individualized diet, lifestyle, and supplement protcol
  • 6 follow-up visits (2 per month)
  • 1 weekly email exchange


  • Mother-to-be only - $595
  • Couple - $995

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6-Month Preconception Intensive (In Person or Online)

This program is for couples or individuals who are struggling with infertility or who have significant health concerns they want to address prior to conception. We will spend more time getting to the root of health issues and fertility struggles and develop an in-depth program that will help your body heal and prepare for healthy conception. 6-month commitment required. Learn more about the nutritional therapy process here


  • Initial consult
  • Food journal review and functional nutrition analysis
  • Individualized diet, lifestyle, and supplement protocol
  • 12 follow-up vists (2 per month)
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Virtual pantry clean-out and household product review
  • 20 recipes for your specific nutrition plan


  • Mother-to-be only - $1495
  • Couple - $2495

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Follow-up Packages (In Person or Online)

For clients who have finished a Preconception Basics or Preconception Intensive package and would like to continue working together to refine their protocol and sustain their results. 


  • Package of 3 follow-ups - $195
  • Package of 6 follow-ups - $349

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Group Classes


Feed Your Fertile Body!™


This is a six-week online group course for couples or individuals who want to learn more about how to support their fertility but are not ready to commit to one-on-one coaching through the nutritional therapy process.

The class celebrates the foods that nourish fertility in women as well as men and will teach you how to incorporate them into your diet to optimize fertility. These are the same foods that help build a healthy baby after conception takes place, and are the pillars of good health throughout life.

The course is split into 6 modules and we will cover one module per week in our online meetings. Each week's module comes with practical action steps, such as a shopping list, a pantry clean-out assignment, and recipes.

This is a “food-positive” class, where there is no pressure to be perfect, and the focus is on adding in deeply nourishing foods that will bring you happiness and balance as they help build your fertility.

My next class will begin on January 19th and take place on Saturdays from 10am-12pm.

Cost is $295 per individual or $495 per couple.

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Fertility Wellness Partnership


NTP + ND Fertility Care!

For many clients, digging deeper with lab testing and gaining some insight from a physician can be extremely helpful for getting to the root cause of fertility issues and finding the right path forward. Although lab testing and interpretation is outside the scope of nutritional therapy, I am very fortunate to have developed a collaborative relationship with Dr. Haylee Nye, a licensed naturopathic physician focused on fertility and preconception health. 

Dr. Haylee's mission is to make healthy babies and she has a deep understanding of the impact of preconception preparation on pregnancy outcomes and childhood health. She offers holistic infertility treatment and preconception care, as well as integrative prenatal, postpartum, and childhood wellness services. You can learn more about Dr. Haylee here.

After discovering a shared passion for fertility work and a deep desire to provide the best possible care for our clients/patients, Dr. Haylee and I chose to offer our services as a package. This is a perfect option for those who are interested in a more integrated approach to restoring and optimizing their fertility. You will receive all the benefits of a deep-dive into your nutrition and lifestyle habits with me, as well as informative lab testing and guidance from a doctor who is committed to helping you achieve your goal of a natural conception and a healthy baby! 

Integrative Fertility Care Package

This package is for those looking to add fertility labs and consulting services from Dr. Haylee to their nutritional therapy work. It includes a total of 7 in-person appointments, as follows:

With Kristin

  • Initial interview and food journal review
  • Functional evaluation or functional nutrition analysis
  • 3 follow-up visits

With Dr. Haylee

  • Initial visit - establish care and determine which labs will be most helpful**
  • Lab review - go over lab results, recommendations, and next steps

After both initial visits, the functional nutrition appointment, and the lab review, Dr. Haylee and I will collaborate to put together a comprehensive plan that includes personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to help you optimize your health and fertility. You will then have 3 follow-up appointments with me so we can check in on your progress and make refinements to your protocol as needed. 


  • Mother-to-be only - $875
  • Couple - $1175

** Fees for lab tests are NOT included in the price of the package and will be billed separately. Typical fertility labs will include: CBC, metabolic panel, full thyroid panel, vitamin D, ferritin, Folate/vitamin B12, lipid panel, sex hormone testing, and sperm analysis (for men). More advanced testing may also be recommended, such as: FSH, prolactin, MTHFR, leptin, adrenal stress index, food sensitivity testing, heavy metal testing. GI stool testing, SIBO breath test etc. Imaging referrals for pelvic ultrasound and/or HSG can also be provided if indicated.

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