The Nutritional Therapy Process


What to Expect

Nutritional Therapy works as a partnership between the practitioner and the client. The goal is to help you address nutritional imbalances that may be impacting your fertility, returning you to optimal health and increasing your odds of successful natural conception. I will guide you through the client consultation process, which will include multiple evaluative steps that will help me determine which body systems can benefit most from nutritional intervention. We will then create an individualized plan that will help you support your fertility and improve your overall health.

15-Minute Introductory Phone Call

We will spend this brief conversation discussing where you are in your health and fertility journey and determining whether working together will be a good fit. This is also your time to ask me any questions you may have about the nutritional therapy process.

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Intake Forms

At the end of the 15-minute phone call, we will schedule our initial consultation. In preparation for this appointment you will be filling out some intake paperwork that will help me provide you with the most accurate assessment possible. Access to the forms will be sent via email and all forms must be completed at least 48 hours prior to your first appointment.

  • Disclaimer - Agreement of expectations between client and practitioner. 
  • Initial interview - In-depth health history and overview of diet and lifestyle habits.
  • 3-Day Food Journal - Window into your day-to-day food choices.
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) - Helps target the root cause of fertility issues by identifying heath-related symptoms and nutritional imbalances.

Initial Consult

This will be our first in-person (or online) appointment and it will give you the opportunity to tell your story from start to finish. I may ask some clarifying questions or focus briefly on a topic that seems particularly relevant, but mostly this is your time to talk. I will be focusing on creating a timeline and making helpful connections between the pieces of your story and the presentation of your health and fertility as it is today. You will leave this appointment with some basic initial insights from me and a few topics to consider until we meet again at our functional evaluation appointment. 

Functional Evaluation or Functional Nutrition Analysis

If you are seeing me in person, we will meet for a hands-on functional evaluation within 1-2 weeks of your initial consult. The functional evaluation is a skill-set used in nutritional therapy to actually feel where imbalances are occurring in the body. When we are experiencing less than optimal function in a particular organ or system, there are corresponding reflex points on the body that can become tender. We can test these points to gain a more in-depth picture of your nutritional needs and determine whether supplemental nutrients could be helpful for addressing these needs.

If you are a distance client, we will meet via video chat and do an in-depth analysis of your Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and Food Journal to help you understand which areas of your body need the most attention from a nutrition perspective, how your food choices may be impacting your health and fertility, and determine whether supplemental nutrients are appropriate for your specific situation.

Customized Plan & Follow-up

We will combine the information gathered from the functional evaluation, initial consult, and intake paperwork to create a plan that addresses your health holistically and supports your fertility naturally. You will have a clear set of dietary and lifestyle objectives, as well as individualized supplement recommendations (where indicated). We will now schedule regular follow-up visits every 2-3 weeks for the duration of your program. In these visits we will evaluate your progress and determine whether any changes need to be made to support continued improvement.